The Emotional Impact that Infertility can Have on a Couple

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Everybody wants to have kids and build a happy family after a certain age. However, there are couples who struggle with infertility, which is something that can have a bad impact on their relationship. Women are considered to be the emotional providers of the couple, so they have the tendency to protect their husbands from the effects that infertility can have on their morale. Hiding their concerns and feelings can have serious repercussions, as their emotions can intensify and cause many complications. Men, on the other side, have the impression that they shouldn’t show their emotions, because that can be discouraging for their partners. So, although they might feel overwhelmed as well, they won’t express their worries regarding the infertility problems that they are facing. Luckily, there are many medical methods that can help a couple overcome these types of situations. In vitro fertilization is one of the most successful procedure that people use in these sorts of cases.

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Try not to let infertility affect your relationship

The biggest fear that people who can’t have children have is not to disappoint their partner. The emotional impact of this type of problems can make anyone feel anger, pain and fear, which can cause anxiety and depression. That can influence a relationship in a negative way, especially if the partners don’t try to communicate about their concerns and worries. The guilt of delaying childbearing can be huge in some cases, so partners should support each other and maintain an optimistic way of thinking, especially since they can inform themselves about certain medical procedures that could help them regarding this matter. Even though it can be hard to maintain a straight face while you’re being told you probably won’t be able to have children of your own, try to be strong for each other and remember why you were together in the first place; find some good and strong family love quotes and keep repeating them to each other when times seem hard. They will bring you back into focus and remind you to stay together and get through everything together, because communication can help get you over anything.

How do fertility treatments work?

In vitro fertilization represents a medical technique that couples who can’t have babies use to fulfill their dream. This method involves giving a woman several hormonal treatments that can help her ovaries make multiple eggs. Before ovulation, the eggs are removed under anesthesia, and they are mixed with the father’s sperm in a culture recipient. During the next period of time, the culture dish is constantly analyzed to see if the process of fertilization has happened. Furthermore, when the embryos reach a certain stage, they are transferred into the mother’s uterus, where hopefully, some of them will reach full term. Where men are concerned, those who only suffer from low sperm count or other similar issues, can in some cases revert the situation by leading a healthier and more active lifestyle; there are  mens health workouts that target this specific issue, which combined with an appropriate diet lead to good results. For those with more serious issues however, participating in a fertility treatment may be the only solution.

The risks of receiving a fertility treatment

Opting for an in vitro fertilization involves several risks, because there were cases where children were born with a genetic abnormality. Advanced maternal age represents a serious risk factor, but mothers who give birth naturally after a certain age have to deal with the same risks, so IVF should not be seen as a high risk treatment for fertility.

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