Teach Your Daughter Natural Ways of Enhancing Her Beauty

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A mother has the important role of showing her daughter a living example of beauty. All the beauty tips that a mother knows must be passed on to her daughter. A true caring mother will enjoy seeing her daughter year by year transforming into a young woman who knows how to cherish her own beauty. A loving mother will not be jealous on her daughter’s youth and all the beauty tricks that she will share with her will make her proud for having such a beautiful daughter. No makeup can simulate an everlasting healthy glow.

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Teach your daughter to eat and drink right

You may think that what we eat and drink does not influence our beauty. You may be surprised, but many scientific studies have shown that only 8% of the way we look is influenced by genes and nearly 70% of the way our body looks is influenced by our diet. A balanced diet can help you and your daughter control the percentages of body fat and muscular tissue. In order to have a slender feminine silhouette a woman must make sure that her diet provides her enough proteins. Soy, meat, milk, eggs, fish, peas and bananas are just a few of the aliments that have a high content of proteins. Don’t encourage your daughter to eat fast food, smoke or have alcoholic drinks. Also make sure you tell her to drink at least 2 liters of water every day in order to have a good detox process. If your daughter likes to make herself beautiful she must start to eat and drink right. If you see beautiful women who don’t eat and drink right don’t think they can get away with it for ever. At some point, their bodies will break down and age at an abnormally faster rate than it is normal.

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Beauty sleep

The early nighttime sleep is called beauty sleep because this is the time when every body rests and regenerates the best. Even if your daughter may encounter many temptations typical for her age such as staying out until the morning, you should let her know that you are seriously preoccupied for her health. For every two nights skipped in a row you can tell her that she’ll have another additional early wrinkle when she’ll be 30. Not having enough beauty sleep means not cherishing the beauty potential of your body.

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The habit of physical exercising

The easiest way to make sure that you have a beautiful body is to make regular physical exercises. This way your daughter’s body will have an easier time to keep up with all the calories of the sweets she enjoys so much eating. The best part of physical exercises is that even if they may seem a little bit unpleasant in the beginning, after a month of repeating them the body becomes addicted to the benefits that they bring: better detox through sweat, more muscular mass, balanced metabolism and wellness for the mind. A beautiful person also has a beautiful personality and behavior!

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Naturally beautiful skin

Tell your daughter that if she wants to make her whole body glow she must follow these steps:

  • Clean – this is the first step towards achieving a long-lasting natural beauty. Have you ever heard about dirty beauty? Of course not!
  • Exfoliate – because the skin of every body regenerates, this step is a must in order to remove the dead cells that cover the truly glowing healthy cells underneath them.
  • Moisturize – it’s very simple to do this. The basic principle is: what do you do after you moisturize? You moisturize some more!
  • Give nutrition from the outside – this is a very necessary step from time to time. Teach your daughter to spoil her body at least once a week by giving herself some body masks: facial masks, hands masks, feet masks or hair masks. You can show her how to prepare the masks by combining some nutritive ingredients such as bananas, yoghurt, honey, avocados, olive oil, clay, lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers and argan oil, or you can simply teach her how to choose some that already exist on the market.
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Advanced natural beauty hair follicle improvements

This is the easiest part of showing your daughter how to make herself beautiful in a natural way. Thankfully there are some natural products that do all the hard work in your behalf. Suggest your daughter to replace the traditional mascara with a lash growth serum that will make her lashes grow longer and thicker in a long term. Unlike a superficial beauty product that tries to improve some body traits by covering them on a short term, a lash growth serum is a natural way to improve the body traits right from the inside.You can find a lot of useful tips for long lashes if you visit eyelashgrowthserum.reviews. This website features the best cosmetic lash serums as well as numerous homemade remedies for long eyelashes.

The IPL hair removal technology may make your daughter very curious about it since it promises very little hair growth back on. It can be used on almost any part of her body, from the head to the toes – not that she would necessary wish to use it on her head!

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