Strep Throat Causes, Risks and Treatment

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Bacterial throat infections can cause many complications if they are left untreated. Strep throat can lead to kidney malfunctions and rheumatic fever, which can cause your joints pain and inflammations, so it is very important to identify the signs that might indicate such a condition. Opting for an effective strep throat treatment can help you eliminate sore and irritable symptoms, and it will give you the possibility to avoid many unpleasant situations that could make you feel very uncomfortable.

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Which are the causes of strep throat?

Usually, people are more prone to deal with this condition between the ages of 5 and 15, when the human body is more sensitive to bacteria and the immune system is not very strong due to certain factors. However, people of all ages can be affected by strep throat as well, especially if they have a stressful lifestyle, or they are fighting other diseases, such as the common flu. There is an inactive bacteria that lives in people’s oral cavity and that can release toxins and inflammatory substances suddenly, causing a red and raw throat. The Streptococcus is a bacteria that 20% of people have, especially during cold seasons, but as long as it is inactive, it can’t cause any harm. Moreover, carriers don’t have any symptoms, and they can’t spread it, so they don’t need any treatment.

Symptoms and risks

The signs which indicate that an individual has strep throat are various. A red and inflamed throat, fever, and the appearance of white spots on the tonsils and tongue are the first symptoms that should convince you that you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Feeling pain and difficulty in swallowing and experiencing fatigue and headaches are also symptoms of strep throat, so you should ask for a proper treatment immediately, because the bacteria can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, but it can also be passed by touching contaminated objects. Therefore, the risks of infesting those who surround you are very high.

How to treat strep throat?

The first thing that people should understand is that they need to see a doctor who can establish a diagnosis, because although you may have many symptoms, you may not have strep throat, which means that you might use wrong remedies to treat your condition. That is why physicians always make a test specifically for this type of bacteria. Based on the results, your doctor will choose from a number of medications to offer you the treatment that you need to reduce the intensity of symptoms and the duration of the condition. Antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin are just a few of the remedies that can make you feel better.

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