Sleep Tricks for New Mums

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A good night sleep is key to a healthy life, but often the stress and hectic lifestyle intervene and we’re not resting or sleeping properly. Moreover, babies wake up so often during the night and we need to stay all the time alert and keep an eye on them. Therefore, we’ve gathered today for you some useful tips for moms who want to have a peaceful sleep.
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1. Exercise

Sport is helpful to sleep if it is not practiced in the evening, at least two hours before going to bed. We fall asleep more easily when our temperature drops. Intense physical activity performed too close to bedtime may increase too much the internal temperature, which can delay sleep.
But in the day, the regular practice of a sport has multiple properties: anxiolytic, antidepressant and analgesic.The intense physical training prolongs the time of sleep, and changes its quality: this way you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Physical activity also helps to synchronize the internal clock and stabilizes weight.
If you don’t have time to exercise or play sports, you can add a form of exercise during the morning walk in the park with your family, by jogging or riding a bike.

2. Have a balanced diet

Foods high in starch (pasta, rice, potatoes, bread …) and sugary foods – including honey – have a great reputation of helping insomniacs because they promote the production of serotonin, the hormones with sedative properties.
However, the evening meal heavy and rich in protein and fat may delay sleep. Also, alcohol speeds up the process of falling asleep, but it also causes snoring which leads to a poor sleep. Obviously, we must also avoid stimulants such as coffee and tobacco.

3. Go to sleep only when you’re feeling tired

There is no point in going to bed early if you feel that you will not sleep. If you want to fall asleep quickly, then you should go to bed only when you feel the need.
Our sleep time is determined by our need for sleep but mainly by our internal clock. We must not miss the “right time” to fall asleep. Doing activities that require a lot of your focusing skills is acceptable from time to time during the week but not every night because you have to learn to listen to your body.

4. Help your baby fall asleep faster

None of us likes to be kept awake at night, so you should never overlook the child bedtime. Try to prepare your little one for bed once he has the following signs: he becomes increasingly quiet, frowns, loses interest in people and toys. You can try to give your baby a warm bath before bedtime.Small tummies need frequent meals, but soon your child will start to sleep longer between meals. If your baby sleeps more than four hours between meals during the day, it is reasonable to try to wake him up easily and spend some time with him, so you can have a more long and peaceful sleep at night.

5. Try a natural sleep aid

A sleep aid can prove to be a valuable thing for a new mum. Nevertheless, avoid dangerous sleeping pills which knock you dead for several hours. Instead try a natural sleep aid. We read a lot of positive alteril reviews, so we advise you to try it if you feel like you can’t handle the tiredness any more. Do not neglect the importance of sleep. Being tired all the time can be very dangerous for your child as it won’t allow you to be alert and take the best care of your baby. Based on several alteril reviews, it seems that this sleeping aid has no side effects and it won’t cause that hangover feeling after waking up, the way that most sleeping pills cause.

6. Use a sound machine

If your baby is restless and can’t seem to adjust to a normal sleep schedule, you might want to consider a sound machine. This is particularly useful for newborns, which are used to a much louder environment. Believe it or not, the womb is quite noisy. The sound machine is also useful for adults, so if the daily stress is keeping you up at night, you could also try relaxing with a sound machine. On you can find numerous reviews of various sound machines. Analyze the reviews and pick whichever sound machine sounds more convenient to you. You can buy one for you and one for the baby.

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