New Uses for Old Appliances

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One of the major problems with living in a capitalist system is that the new quickly becomes the old and is replaced; in order for this system to function, things have to keep moving, consumers have to keep consuming, and producers must continue to produce in order to satisfy the need for constant growth. The downside to all this is that we end up producing actually more than we need, and we fill the planet with objects that quickly become “garbage”, and for which we don’t always have the proper disposal methods.

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Thus, the next time you’re thinking of throwing away appliances or objects that are still functional but no longer the newest model, try to find them a new purpose. You can either gift them to someone who needs them, or find a new purpose for them in your old household. There are several types of appliances that people constantly throw away in search of a shinier model, but with are still functional most times. Read on to find out what they are and what purposes you can apply to them:

The Coffee Grinder

If you’ve purchased a new coffee maker and no longer need a coffee grinder, or if you have replaced the old grinder with a new, better one, think before you throw it away. A coffee grinder can become the perfect spice grinder, and it is a good idea to keep the spices and coffee separately so they don’t borrow flavors from each other. Thus, you can use one grinder solely for coffee, and the older one only for various types of spices that you want to force flavor out of. You can just read some coffee makers reviews and buy a new product that also grinds the beans before using them, so your old grinder can become the perfect spice grinder.

The Ice Cream Maker

It seems kind of sad that you only use the ice cream maker in the summer, or whenever you need a quick dessert for the guests; this appliances doesn’t have to be children-oriented only, you can use it to make slushies, frozen Margaritas, frozen hot chocolate, and many other cocktails that your guests will enjoy.

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The Rice Cooker

If you use the rice cooker quite rarely, then you could figure out a couple more uses for it, so your investment pays off; thus, you can use it not to cook, but rather to aid in the eating process. If you’re preparing finger food, or meals like sea food, lobsters or anything else that gets your hands in the plate, use the rice cooker to prepare hot towels quickly and efficiently.

As you can see, throwing away the appliances is not always the best solution; even an old refrigerator can become cooling box for beers and drinks at the poolside, can be re-purposed for an outdoor kitchen, or used simply for the freezer storage space.

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