Matching Family Halloween Costumes Ideas

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Giving the fact that parents don’t have much of a choice about participating to the yearly Halloween celebration, you have to come up with some costumes ideas that will help you and the rest of your family to have a great time together. Taking your kids trick-or-treating can be a fun experience, especially if your little ones will get the chance to impersonate their favorite characters. So, here are some ideas for clever Halloween costumes 2015, that will help you create some great matching family Halloween costumes.

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Alice in Wonderland family costume

The Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter are two lovely characters that can be easily impersonated by parents, while the White Rabbit can serve as a source of inspiration for your kid’s costume. Furthermore, Alice is a character that has impressed many little girls over the years, so you can be confident that your daughter will love the idea of dressing like her. In order to create great costumes, you need to focus on using lots of makeup, wigs, hats and the same motifs that you saw in the movie.  If you choose to make your own costumes, make sure that you use colorful fabrics and cheerful accessories, because only that way you will be able to reproduce the outfits that actors and actresses wore in the movie.

Addams Family Halloween costumes

There is no point in buying Addams Family costumes when you can make them yourself. All you have to do is choose black clothes for all your family members, and focus on using spooky makeup and hairstyles, as these are the details that can make a big difference. As we all know, Gomez Addams, the head of the family, likes to add lots of gel to his hair, so this is an aspect that must be considered by those who want to obtain the same look. Furthermore, makeup can be used to create a false mustache, while holding a cigar is necessary in order to complete the same look. The rest of the Addams family members can be impersonated by using makeup in a way that can express the spooky side of this mysterious family.

Superhero costumes

Seeing his parents dressed as Superman and Wonder Woman can be very exciting for a child, especially if he also gets the chance to wear a superhero costume. Therefore, we advise you to opt between the following ideas in order to make your little one burst with joy: Captain America, Batman, Spider-Man and the Incredible Hulk. We guarantee you that these are the Halloween costumes that kids love the most, so make sure that you surprise your child in a great way.

These costume ideas may not be unique but they will never stop being popular. They may have been worn by many people for many years to come but they will still make for clever Halloween costumes 2015 because everyone wants to dress like superheros or like characters from their favorite stories.

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