Is it Safe for Kids to Use the Microwave Oven

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Microwave ovens are without a doubt clever and useful kitchen appliances that we can’t live without. With their use, we can heat up the food and prepare delicious meals in a short time, and this is a huge advantage as we all know that time is very precious these days.  What happens if you have children? Well, if your children are very small, you might want to consider getting a microwave with a child lock. Or you could buy an over the range microwave which will be too high for the children to use. On you can find reviews of very affordable over the range microwave ovens. Nevertheless, if your child is over 10 years old, there are many snacks that they can cook in the microwave oven. But, is it really safe for kids to use the microwave oven?

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What are the dangers?

When it comes to microwave oven and children, you must know that there are some dangers, which must definitely be avoided. One of the most common injuries are the burns. Children who do not know exactly how to use a device like this can remove the hot dishes without using a kitchen glove, and by doing so they will burn themselves. This could also happen if they open the popcorn bags when they are hot. There are plenty of situations when children can burn themselves if they are not well informed regarding the correct use of a microwave oven. Kids can also drop the hot food on them, which can produce serious burns on the whole body. Therefore, in case you are wondering if it is safe for kids to use the microwave oven, the right answer is that it is, but only as long as they are well informed about all the procedures of using an appliance like this. Furthermore, they should not be younger than 7-year old. If these details are seriously taken into account by all parents, nothing bad will happen.

Safety tips

There are some safety tips that children must respect in order to make sure that he will not be injured when using a microwave oven. Microwave-safe containers should be used at all times, for any type of food. As a parent, you must make sure that you show your child how exactly to use a microwave oven. Tell him how to set the timer, the temperature, and how to take out the food without burning himself. He must definitely use a kitchen glove each time he wants to take out the food. Moreover, he must know that a popcorn bag is usually very hot and he must actually wait a few minutes before opening it. A fantastic idea would be to write the instructions on a piece of paper which you can place it next to the appliance so that your child reads it in case he forgets one of the steps mentioned above. All these details are very important for the safety of your child, and they should seriously be taken into account.

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