Is Alkaline Water Safe for Babies

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As a mom, you probably have heard tons of myths about miracle foods or drinks that can do wonders for the health of your baby, even about the alkaline water and its health benefits. But how true are these benefits and how do they apply to the sensitive bodies of babies? Is it OK to feed your baby alkaline water or are you endangering their health? You are about to find out in the article below.
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  • The alkalinity of the water refers to its pH which is measured on a scale between 0 and 14 and 7 being neutral. Tap water has a pH below 7 which makes it acidic while alkaline water has a pH over 7 and is believed to be healthier for drinking. Your body’s natural pH can be often thrown off due to various factors like diseases, medications, stress, or an unbalanced nutrition. Alkaline water is believed to be effective n balancing the blood’s pH which is why people often resort to using water ionizers that can turn plain tap water into alkaline water through a process called electrolysis. Still, how safe is it for babies?
  • What you feed the baby is essential in developing their digestive system and strengthening their body and any wrong step will have repercussions for their health so you should treat the alkaline water matter seriously. Some children can suffer from stomach acidity caused by food and their moms might be tempted to give them alkaline water to solve the issue. You should not do that unless you speak to a pediatrician that will advise you on the right treatment. Never feed the baby something new without consulting a specialist in advance.
  • No real health benefits of alkaline water have been proven regarding babies and small children, so there are few reasons for you to feed your baby alkaline water. It’s best that you opt for pure filtered water that you can obtain by installing a water filter at home. If you, however, decide to give the baby alkaline water, there are some precautions you must take. If your pediatrician says it’s fine to give the baby alkaline water, avoid giving it 45 minutes before and after meals so the baby will have time to digest the food. Also, never mix the formula with alkaline water because the best water for the formula is clean filtered tap water. Don’t give the baby alkaline water if they are taking any kind of medication because these could show unwanted interactions. Never give alkaline water to babies under 6 months old.

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