How to Win the Fight Against Gray Hair

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At some point in life everyone senses that a few white hairs have appeared and a few stray threads of white hair can look beautiful in a gray blond hair, but in darker hair color, white hair can create a less pleasing aspect. Gray hair’s appearance is part of the aging process or may appear quite early as a result of certain factors such as stress or genetic heritage. Some people discover their first white hairs at the age of 20, others retain their natural hair color until they become old.

Eliminate the stress in your life

If your hair became gray at an early age, it is likely that you have inherited this feature, or some external factors have influenced the process. Stress is one of the main reasons that cause gray hair and premature aging of the entire body. Try to relax more and organize yourself so that you have time for yourself, even if it is limited. Be positive, learn to say “no” and do, at least once a week, something you really like and that makes you feel fulfilled and happy. By eliminating stressful factors in your life, you can manage to keep more white hair from appearing.
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Dye your hair in natural colors

If you no longer want to worry about gray hair for at least 3 months, dye your hair in shades darker than your natural hair color. If you thought that a lighter hair shade will end your problems, that is not exactly the best idea. When hair starts to grow white, the contrast between your natural dark color and the lighter hair paint will be too big. Moreover, gray hair will stand out much faster. Regardless the size of your hair, the best both short and long hair color ideas, when your hair starts to grow white are the ones that best resemble your natural hair color. To remove gray hair, you can also use a semi-permanent dye, but only on areas where it is needed. It is recommended that you dye your hair once a month, otherwise gray hair will come out again.

Short hair can be easier to care for

Everybody fantasizes about rich and long hair although maintaining long hair can result very difficult, especially when you grow older. Wearing your hair a little shorter eases the way you care for it and shortens the hair dyeing process, therefore, you can opt for a new hair cut. Not only long hair color ideas can be attractive, but also various shades can look chic and natural on shorter hair without making you look old.

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