How to Turn the Basement into a Playroom

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If you have children, you know how hard it is to convince them to play nicely without turning your house upside down with all their energy. Toys spread everywhere, writings on the walls, damages around the house, all these are common while your children have friends coming over to play. If you want to say goodbye to the chaos created by the kids, consider turning your basement into a playroom to assure them enough space to play and consume their energy.
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Safety comes first

Having a basement can be a relief if you have children because you can turn it into their playroom, where they can let their imagination run wild and experience any kind of game without destroying your house. If you decide to do so, you must first make sure the place is safe and healthy for your children and that there are no dangerous items that can hurt them. Therefore, you should make all the necessary repairs on the plumbing, the electrical system, on the windows and on the walls to make sure the kids will be safe.

When you go to make repairs to your basement, make sure you hire a quality professional to determine whether your renovation is even allowed according to your city or state’s building codes. If your renovation is allowed, hiring a professional contractor will guarantee that any changes that are made comply with the most recent building safety codes, which is essential for keeping your kids safe. The experts at DePalma Construction offer the following advice for finding a high-quality contractor who will satisfy your renovation needs: “First of all, you should never be charged for an estimate. Looking at the job at hand and giving a fair assessment of the project needs and costs should always come without a price tag. In addition, the contractor should be able to readily tell you what materials they will be using, specifying multiple options and brands. A quality roofing contractor will also understand that you may want to compare prices, so they will always give a competitive and fair price for the job that reflects the value of their work, but does not take advantage of the client.”
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Install a dehumidifier and an air purifier

The basement is likely to develop mold due to the excessive humidity and considering the children will spend some time in their new playroom, the quality of the air they will breathe is very important, so a basement dehumidifier can turn out to be useful in creating the proper environment for the children. This device will absorb the moisture and the air, thus keeping the kids away from allergies caused by mold spores. The 2015 best dehumidifiers also come with integrated humidistats which allow you to monitor the humidity levels. Moreover, if you look for reviews of the 2015 best dehumidifiers, you will see that the most popular units are the ones that can be connected to a drainage so that you don’t have to worry about emptying the tank all the time.

Also, an air purifier can keep the air clean by absorbing the dust mites, bacteria and allergens existing in the air. Since basements have small windows, or no windows at all, an air purifier can help you refresh the air. This way, the kids will breathe clean and healthy air while they play.
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Decorate the playroom with colorful items

Once you finished with the important aspects regarding the safety, you can start decorating the new playroom. Choose fun and happy colors to dress the room in a feeling of childhood joy and create an airy and light space, with printed wallpaper and a funny chandelier on the ceiling. Opt for a thick and soft carpet to cover the floor and to provide warmth and safety and avoid many pieces of furniture that can clutter the room or hurt the children while they play. If you have both a son and a daughter, you can split the room in half and create a space for each of them and their friends, for example, you can build a doll house for the girl to share with her dolls and a racetrack or a football course for the boy. Besides their toys, also place a soft sofa where they can rest and even build a workshop where they can test their skills and develop their passions.

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