Houseplants Health Benefits

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Besides serving as a decorative object for our room, our kitchen or the lounge and provide a pleasant scent in the room, plants and flowers have other qualities and properties that are very beneficial.
Plants renew the air quality. Their primary role is obviously to provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, as the trees in the street. Plants therefore help to purify the air inside the house, and absorb harmful gases from outside. Find out more about houseplants health benefits below.
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Houseplants renew the indoor air

A major activity performed by plants remains filtering the air through a vital process called photosynthesis: carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted to oxygen, which will subsequently be expelled outside, renewing the quality of air.
The usual cycle of photosynthesis expires in the morning, it takes advantage of the natural light to develop. But there are other kinds of plants that prefer warm environments making their photosynthesis night such as orchids or bromeliads. Therefore, it is advisable to combine these two types of plants to enjoy the 24-hour cycle.

Houseplants increase the humidity in the air and have a purifying role

A houseplant increases the moisture in the air. This is very beneficial because we need take care of our health and maintain our throats and skin well hydrated.
Plants are natural remedies against indoor pollution: they absorb harmful gases and chemical particles such as cigarette smoke or benzene (also found in cigarettes). These contaminants are treated by plants and converted into nutrients with the help of certain bacteria found in their roots.
Plants clean the air from pathogens, volatile microorganisms, and capture the dust, reducing its presence in the air of about 20%! With its cleanliness, fatigue decreases since the atmosphere seems less charged.

Houseplants can improve your mental state

In contemplating them, they can play an important role on your well being. They reduce your stress, relaxes you, encourages you. They increase your level of concentration, understanding and drive the negative feelings away, such as fear or anger.
Also, you can recovered faster from illness in the presence of flowers and plants. Psychologically, they represent an absolutely healthy and natural stimulant. It promotes the feeling of well being.

How to maintain house plants

Light is an essential component for the life of plants. During winter, when houseplants can not benefit anymore from sunlight, consider installing LED grow lights. The LED grow lights will provide the right amount of light and heat needed for your plants to develop in a healthy and suitable environment. Discover the best led grow lights of the moment on the and choose the one most convenient for your houseplants. If you place them in a suitable place, you’ll realize soon that houseplants actually require minimum maintenance. You should water them from time to time, and change their fertilizer once a year. It is therefore important to keep them a healthy environment, with good temperature, good lighting and avoid putting them in crowded places, because this can damage them.

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