Health Threats Contaminated Water can Expose You To

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Water is necessary for every function of the human body, starting with digestion, nutrient absorption, circulation, lubrication and ending with disposal and must be consumed daily in order to keep you healthy. Water work as a cleaning agent for your organism, therefore, it is important that you consume pure and clean water in order to help your body to transport and eliminate toxins. To make sure the water you drink is clean, you can purchase a home water filter that will eliminate residues and sediments. There’s a wide variety of such filters on the market, co make sure to read some whole home water filter reviews in order to find the best product for your needs.
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Tap water has the disadvantage that, on its way to your houses, it passes through old and drilled pipes and gathers many unwanted sediments, such as dirt, rust, bacteria and metals, that may damage your health and load your body with harmful substances. By boiling the water you only eliminate pathogenic bacteria, but chlorine, sediments, heavy metals, asbestos, pesticides and insecticides are not eliminated and they get to be introduced into the body through the food, tea or coffee that were prepared using tap water. If you read some whole home water filter reviews, you will see that a home water filter can eliminate most of the substances present in the water.

Chlorine is a carcinogenic agent

Tap water is chlorinated and may even contain plumb that can have a carcinogenic effect. The process known as chlorination is actually adding chlorine in water and it is the most often used method of water disinfection in the world. Chlorine is used to prevent the spread of disease through water to destroy viruses and bacteria such as E. coli, but the large amounts of chlorine in the water and the long time exposure of your body to the chlorine can lead to various forms of cancer. A home water filter containing activated carbon cartridges is able to eliminate both taste and smell caused by chlorine, because the activated charcoal is highly porous and has a huge adsorption surface. Different filters are used to remove chlorine such as carbon block cartridges, granular activated charcoal cartridge, full house filtration systems or shower filters. For the best protection, we advise you to opt for a whole house filter. Read some reviews on and see which unit would be most convenient for your particular needs. The whole house filters are the best choice, as out bodies also absorb a lot of chlorine and other chlorine byproducts while we take a shower or a hot bath. We even inhale chlorine vapors.
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Contaminated water can cause viral and bacterial diseases

The main route of transmission for contaminated water diseases is through ingesting or inhaling water or food cooked with contaminated water, but it is possible to get some skin affections by washing and bathing in dirty water. The main diseases transmitted through water are microbial diseases, viral diseases and parasitic diseases. Over 100 types of pathogenic viruses can be transmitted in water due to the fact that many viruses can survive in surface waters for a long time and can cause health problems from hepatitis, gastroenteritis to chronic diarrhea.

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