Gift Ideas for Sport Obsessed Husbands

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When you want to surprise your sport obsessed husband with a thoughtful gift, the best way to impress him is to offer him something that is related to his hobby. However, don’t fall into the trap of buying a signed jersey from the Internet, because the chances to find something real are very low. Plus, with a little imagination, you can get him something that he will actually use and be proud of. Here are some ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration.

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EA Sports Games

EA Sports is the best present that we can think of for the fan gamer, because he will be one button away from all sort of experiences that can give him the sensation that he is actually participating to some of the greatest sports in the world. EA Sports includes FIFA Soccer, NCAA Football, NBA Live, NHL, Madden NFL, and even Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Playing a sport video game represents a great solution for learning the rules of a sport that you want to start practicing. This type of exercise can be the equivalent to paying for lessons, so this gift can be very practical.

Sports equipment

As amazing as the EA Sports is, the experience provided by it can not be compared with the experience that you will get in the real life. For example, if your husband wants to play golf, for him, the satisfaction of being on the greens is probably above anything else. Nurture his passion by giving him something that he can use in order to improve his skills, such as a golf rangefinder. We understand if you don’t know much about these devices, but if you look online for golf rangefinder reviews 2015, you will definitely find a high performance gadget for your husband. If your husband is not into golf or if researching the latest golf rangefinder reviews 2015 seems like too much trouble, try to investigate and see if he mentioned anything to his friends about sports items that he would like to buy for himself.

The “In the Moment” photography book

Every man who is passionate about sports is aware of every great moment that took place in the history of sports. If that is also the case of your husband, we guarantee you that he will love to see the best sport pictures of all times over and over again. Therefore, a great gift for the sport obsessed husband would be the “In the Moment” photography book, a collection of photos took by Tom Jenkins, who is the winner of a British sports photographer award. Furthermore, this book is where your significant other can see impressive pictures from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Wimbledon, and the World Cup Finals.

A remote-controlled cooler

Everyone knows that a sports fan would not move from the front of the TV, no matter what, when his favorite game is on. However, in order to enjoy a game, sport obsessed people like to have something cool to drink while watching the game. So, a remote-controlled cooler is the secret to enjoy a cool bottle of beer while entertaining yourself in front of the TV. We guarantee you that by offering your husband a cooler that can roll across any surface, you will make him feel like the luckiest man alive.

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