Beauty Secrets We Learned from Our Moms

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No professional advice and no beauty trick can compare to the secrets our mothers shared with us so that we would grow up to be elegant, refined and neat women. From taking care of our hair to keeping a slim figure to pedicure tips, all these beauty secrets we learned from our moms are priceless and we will pass it on to our daughters as a precious family heritage.
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Use olive oil for many purposes

This miraculous liquid has been used in the cosmetic field for ages due to its nourishing properties on the skin and face. A few drops in your daily moisturizer or using it as it is will make your skin look healthy and will keep the wrinkles away. The olive oil is also good for the hair as it nourishes dry and split ends and moms also used the olive oil on their stretch marks during pregnancy, as it restored the skin’s elasticity.

Prepare a natural lash growth serum

When searching for the best eyelash growth serum, you will see that some products can even cost as much as $100. Back in the days, there were few eyelash growths serums available on the market and if our moms wanted to have long and thick eyelashes, they had two options” either they would apply fake lashes every time they went out or they prepared their own lash growth serum to help their lashes grow bigger. Moreover, the best eyelash growth serum is not the most expensive one, but one made with fresh, natural ingredients.  A mixture of castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and vitamins encourages young and strong lashes to appear, making you eyes look deeper and more beautiful.
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Red lipstick for a sexy look

Every little girl has a memory of their mother using red lipstick and telling them that red lips are a sign of sophistication and refinement, and even nowadays red lips complement any makeup and turn a woman into a seductive and attractive one. So, if you want to turn heads in your way to work, use a red lipstick on a natural makeup and you will look like a vintage movie star.

Body lotion after shower

An important advice from moms is that you should always use body lotion or body milk after every shower, especially during winter when the cold weather dries the skin and makes it look less shiny and nourished. A cared skin is a beautiful skin and
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Make time for yourself

Moms know best what taking care of a home with children implies, but this doesn’t mean they would teach you to look sloppy simply because you have house chores to do. Instead, every mom advises their daughters to choose a night during the week and to dedicate it to themselves: a hot bath, followed by a nice massage with moisturizing body lotion, a face mask to help the skin recover its beauty, a teeth-whitening procedure or a complete manicure and pedicure will offer you a boost of self-confidence and self-respect.

Relieve stress

If you constantly find yourself tense and stressed, consider massage therapy. If you can’t find the time to go to a massage salon, you could buy a massage chair and enjoy the benefits of massage therapy from the comfort of your home. On you can find useful information that will help you choose a convenient massage chair. Whether or not you suffer from back pains, a massage chair will bring you many benefits. Letting go of stress will help you feel more relaxed and look better.

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