Are Garage Door Openers a Safety Hazard for Children?

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Because the garage door is one of the largest object in your home, you will want to take some measures to ensure that it doesn’t pose any danger for your family, and especially for your children. Installing a garage door opener could be a solution but keep in mind that these devices could also be dangerous. You can read more about this subject in the article below.
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Talk with your children about safety measures

Children like to play and experiment with different things, so it’s hard to keep away from everything, including your garage door. It’s recommended to have a conversation with your children and try to explain them about the potential hazard a garage door and opener could cause. Let them know that garage door openers are not toys and even try to show them how to operate the door safely.

Check the reverse mechanism of your door

To make sure that everything is functioning properly, consider checking the reverse mechanism of your door as often as you can, because it’s the first thing that could go wrong when trying to operate a garage door opener. Place a 2 x 4 on the floor, just underneath of your garage door and try to operate the door with the opener. Your door should reverse with two seconds when it comes in contact with the 2 x 4. If it doesn’t reverse and goes back up, make sure to ask for the help of a professional to have it fixed, that is if you have a garage door opener with safety sensors. If not, you might want to buy a newer model. Go to the site in order to see which garage door openers have the best safety features.

Remove projections from your garage door

If you have installed a garage door opener in your garage, make sure to keep everything neat and organized. Don’t let any ropes or hooks to hang from your garage door, otherwise they could cause dangerous injuries. These small items can easily catch on the clothes of a child and cause injury, so you may want to make sure to remove the ropes and other projections from your garage door.

Use a quality door opener

Most garage door openers are not that dangerous as they seem, especially now that you can find a variety of models that have innovative features. When shopping for a garage door opener, make sure that it’s capable of weighting the pressure on a door so that it can reverse the system in case your child want to ride the door. This way, it’s impossible for a child to ride the door and risk of having an accident.

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