The Proper Way of Sanitizing Baby Clothes

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Providing the baby with a clean living environment is a step in ensuring their well-being and sanitizing their clothes is something many moms do because they want to make sure everything that touches their delicate skin is perfectly clean and safe. To help you take good care of your baby, we will show you which is the proper way of sanitizing baby clothes.
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Preparing the washing machine

Everything starts with washing the clothes the right way and you have to make sure all the clothes are washed before getting into contact with the baby’s skin. You can wash the clothes in two ways, either using a special baby clothes washing machine or using your regular one. It’s not necessary to invest in a new washing machine because you can sanitize the one you have at home. Before washing the baby clothes for the first time, run the empty washing machine at a high-temperature washing cycle and add a special sanitizer that you can find in stores.
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Washing the baby clothes

When you wash the baby’s clothes, you have to make sure you wash them separately from your own because it’s best that way. Also, don’t use a powder detergent that is harder to rinse and can stick to the fabrics and irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Instead, use a liquid detergent or a special one designed particularly for washing baby clothes. For even more hygiene, you can add a clothes sanitizer that you can find in pharmacies. Never add fabric softeners that are very scented and can cause rashes and allergies. If your washing machine has a sanitizing washing cycle, use that when you wash the baby clothes.
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Drying the baby clothes

Once the baby clothes are washed, make sure you let them dry in a closed space where no pollen and allergens can reach them. Avoid drying the baby clothes outdoor and create a special drying area in the bathroom or in a spare bedroom where the clothes can dry without getting into contact with outdoor allergens. This way, you will keep the clothes clean and safe to wear.
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The final sanitizing step

To make sure the clothes are perfectly sanitized, you must iron them because the high temperature of the iron will kill any remaining bacteria. However, considering the small size of the clothes, it could be hard to handle each one of them, so a clothes steamer can make your job easier. The powerful steam will penetrate the fabrics from one side to another so you will only have to pass the clothes steamer over the baby clothes once. If you don’t have a steamer, stop by the site, where you can find helpful reviews of the highest rated fabric steamers of the moment.

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