Are You Putting Your Heart at Risk by Shoveling Snow

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After shoveling a thick, heavy layer of snow in the backyard or the driveway, your body might feel as if it had wrestled an entire army. The low temperatures, the physical exertion and the brutal movement of your shoulders and arms can lead to serious injuries and heart problems you may not be aware of. The main part of the shoveling injuries occurred in men, and almost a quarter of the injuries were in children under 18 years old. The most common accidents are musculo-skeletal exertion, followed by slips and falls, but the most dangerous injuries are cardiac problems.

The strain on the body is intense

When you force your body to lift the heavy shovel of snow, you strain the muscles in your entire body, from your calves to your shoulders. Besides the intense effort on the muscles and the pain afterward, you can create bigger damages on an important organ in your body, the one that receives all the shocks and the consequences of our actions:the heart.
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Your heart is at major risk

Shoveling snow overburdens the cardiovascular system and can raise heart rates to threatening levels after only a few minutes of work. Blood vessels are constricted due to the low temperatures, therefore the pressure on the heart increases, clots form inside the vessels, blocking the blood flow and therefore the heart muscles can no longer pump blood, leading to a heart attack. Not only old or cardiac persons are prone to heart attacks, also healthy, young and sedentary persons can suffer from the combination of physical effort and cold temperatures.
Sedentariness is an important factor that leads to intense usage of the heart, due to the fact that the majority of the people who shovel snow rarely exercise in their daily living, therefore picking up a heavy shovel of snow after basically no physical effort for months, can heavily strain the heart. If you need to shovel away snow, keep in mind that it can be more strenuous than exercising on a treadmill and it can be dangerous if you are not fit.
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Be aware of your heart’s signs

The classic signs of a heart attack are pain in the chest, difficulties in breathing, pain in the left shoulder that radiates down the left arm, cold sweat, jaw pain, nausea and anxiety. If you have any of the symptoms, stop the activity and go inside the house and call your local emergency number. Heart attacks are serious and you must not ignore the signals your body is sending you.

Ged rid of snow in a safe manner

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